Leidy, one of the participants of the project carried out by students of Fablab with collaboration with OCC, made a short article on her upcycling project at home.

This is my article about our Fablab workshop that we initially did at IAAC, with the Fablab members and then completed at home using some materials from the workshop and other materials from home.

For me, Fablab was a great experience, attending the multicultural workshop where the other members were from different countries, such as Iran, Russia, Syria and El Salvador. This included members from the Open Cultural Center (OCC), students from our language classes and staff from Fablab. We learnt to make crafts using our best creativity and personal imagination, and also using a word that defines you on a personal level.

In the Fablab workshop, they explained step by step how to do the different workshops to the best of our ability and creativity.

The first workshop consisted of writing a word that defines us as a person on a blank page, for example, creative. I chose this word because it defines me as a very creative person. Then each person had to write their name in the form of a logo with different colours and designs, and then make a project presenting the word that we use, in this case, creative. We used materials such as: cardboard, paper, stickers, scissors, glue, pieces of wood, cloth from clothing, and afterwards, each person presented and explained their chosen word and why they decided to do this project.

In our next Fablab workshop, we made our name or logo in rubber, drawing and then cutting it with a cutter, scissors and then painting it with fabric paints. We then painted and designed our clothes, using our name or logo, and put the pieces of clothing in a container with water. We left it inside with the paint for about 10 minutes and then removed them with gloves to allow them to air dry.


Multicoloured effect t-shirt

Used materials:

  • Paint
  • Water
  • Two items of clothing (t-shirts)
  • Rubber band
  • Clothes hanger


  • Wrap your item of clothing, in this case the shirt, and tie together with a rubber band.
  • Each small section of the shirt will be a different colour, so, take your paints and begin to colour your shirt.
  • After this, add water on top of the paint you have just decorated the shirt with, giving it a multicoloured effect.
  • Remove the rubber band and place it on a hanger and leave it to dry.

Name print t-shirt

Used materials:

  • Paint
  • Star shape
  • 3D rubber shape of your name
  • Clothes hanger


  • Place the shirt flat on the table then take your shapes.
  • Then, cover your shapes with a paint of your choice.
  • Decorate your shirt with your shapes however you like, and then put on a hanger to be left to dry.
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