Do you want to help reduce the level of garbage production in the environment, which results in a high level of pollution? Today we bring you some tricks to encourage recycling. Neither more nor less than a series of ideas to decorate glass jars. You will no longer have to throw the glasses every day, because you will use them as a modern decoration object for your home. Would you like to know these recycling tricks with glass jars?

One of the most common designs in the decoration of glass jars is the candle holder. The fact that candle holders have been implanted as a vintage element in the decoration of a home has made it one of the great ideas to decorate mason jars or glass jars. Depending on the season, we will choose a candle holder decoration design or another. For example, now that we are in autumn, we can stick a maple leaf in our candle holder, coat the surface in some autumn color (red, yellow, brown, etc.) and then remove this template so that the candle area it’s visible.

In this article I want to show you that it is easy to recycle glass jars. Once consumed we wash them well and then we remove the label or sticker they have. As we see on a daily basis, there is a great variety of glass jars for their size and texture.

Materials we need:

  • Glass jar
  • Colored paper
  • Scissors
  • Rule
  • markers or pen
  • glue or silicone
  • colored foam or eva rubber
  • a decorative fabric ribbon (optional)
  • glitter


Step 1: Select the glass jar you want to use (according to the size and texture) and select the materials to use, and take into account the decoration that we want to give it.

for our decoration we will need to draw some leaves. The number and colors are optional.

 leaf template

 After drawing the leaves in our foami, cut them and stick them in our pot / jar and stick them with hot glue (silicone) so that it sticks better

and to finish,  you can decorate the back of the glass jar with some glitter.

Here we also leave you other ideas to decorate glass jars or candle holders.

Stop worrying about the glasses at parties with friends, because, if it breaks, it will not have cost anything to buy that glass and we can create it many more times.

You can cut out the letters from a newspaper or magazine or from stickers of the size you prefer and create a design with phrases.

You can also find a template of the drawing that you prefer, you can glue it with school glue, let it dry, and then paint it. Let it dry for about 4 hours and remove carefully and with the help of a cutter.

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