What is your project? What would you say is your role at OCC? What tasks do you carry out?

My full-time project is teaching Farsi. But I also had some other tasks like going to schools to inform them about the situation of refugees, and other times prepare food for intercultural events hosted by OCC.

How has it been carrying out this project in Barcelona? Tell us a little bit more about the city, working and living here

Oh my God, the city is fantastic! I like it so much and our place has the best location. I wish I could stay longer.

Tell us a little bit about the process/ the development of the project? What challenges/ obstacles did you face?

My students sometimes faced challenges, especially beginners. For beginners to learn Farsi, it is a little bit difficult because everything is the opposite of English. One challenge I faced, was sometimes I did not know about some grammar rules of my own language, because for me it comes naturally, I do not have to think about the grammar.

What was your favorite memory in carrying out your project? The highlight of the experience?

Some of my favorite memories were when I would come to class and students showed interest in new lessons I prepared. The highlight of my experience was when my students could speak my language.

What is your plan for the future? Do you think that volunteering at OCC can help you to achieve your goals and ambitions?

I would like to become a teacher in the future to share my language and my culture because many people when they hear about my country, Afghanistan, they think negative things, and are afraid because of how the news and social media show it. I want to change that.

Do you have any advice for future volunteers?

My advice for future volunteers is to enjoy and use this time wisely. For me, this was the best time, full of good opportunities. It was here that I found myself and became stronger.


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