Every year, for thirty days, 1.5 billion Muslims around the world fast during the month of Ramadan. Ramadan is one of the most important events in the Muslim calendar. It is a time when followers of Islam abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset every day for thirty days. Some people believe Ramadan is good for the body because the digestive system works for twelve months and it’s the perfect opportunity for it to rest!

However, there is much more to this month than simply not eating or drinking. Here are some more fascinating facts about Ramadan:

  • Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar years.
  • Fasting during Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.
  • Muslims believe it is the month when the first verses of the Quran were revealed to the prophet Muhammad.
  • The date changes every year: every 30 years the month of Ramadan falls in each of the four seasons. It is hard enough to abstain from food or water in the winter, but it becomes a heightened struggle when Ramadan falls in the summer.


Muslims who are able to fast should abstain from:

  • Eating
  • Drinking
  • Smoking
  • Sexual activity
  • Swimming


Those who are exempt include:

  • Those who are unwell
  • Elderly people
  • pregnant and nursing women
  • Menstruating women

However, they make it up later if they can.


Ramadan is also a month of charity. It is believed that rewards for generosity are multiplied during this special time. We share money and give to those who don’t have it. Some people even leave their generous gifts behind the door and then leave before it is answered.


At the end of Ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid Alfitr or the Festival of Breaking the fast. People first go to the mosque and pray all together. After they pray, they kiss and hug each other, visit the family, and wear new clothes.


In my country, Afghanistan, Ramadan is the best month for us because we have really good communication and we share the food together. When sunset approaches, our neighbours bring food with a special design to us and we fill our table with lots of delicious foods. For example, In Ramadan we have a special sweet called Zolbia and Bameeh.

After the eighteenth day of Ramadan, we invite people or they invite us for breaking the fast with special food and that is why during Ramadan most people gain weight because we just eat until sunrise. Every night we have different hosts. We chat or talk until the middle of the night. The entire city is open until sunrise and people go to the park for various activities such as picnicking. During the day all shops and some jobs close until the afternoon. It is a very beautiful event for me.

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