Hello! I ́m Eduardo. A 27 years old graduated from Zaragoza, Spain, that decided to join the OCC projects in Greece as a short-term volunteer. For me, it wasn’t the first time volunteering in projects that work for social integration of the refugee community, but it was the first time that I had the chance to expose myself in a new and challenging environment.

I’ve been involved in different activities hosted by OCC such as teaching adults, managing social media, assisting in the bike project, and helping anyone who needs it. It’s been a learning experience as well, that helped me to have a better understanding of myself, and allowed me to focus on the important things that we can join and share all together. Working in such different tasks and activities it’s really useful to try to figure out about in which one you could fit better. Also having a better experience of ever changing work conditions.

However, all these couldn’t be possible without the hard work, and fellowship of the committed volunteers. One of the values that I would like to remark about working in these kind of projects, is teamwork. You really need that attitude, and willingness to face the everyday situations.

If I have to choose one thing that I will miss about working with OCC, is the opportunity of working with people of different backgrounds, and the possibility to work in a intercultural context. I think that it ́s an important matter for today’s world, and really valuable for understand the complexity of it.

Having these kind of experiences makes me more conscious about the importance of solidarity to each other.

Eduardo Martin Donate, ESC, Volteri


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