Written by Fulvio Scozzafava.

I am Fulvio Scozzafava, I’m 27 years old and I’m from Florence, Italy. I consider myself a good listener and someone you can always count on.

I started approaching volunteering as an opportunity in a very particular moment of my life. I felt I was in need of new, fresh connections, and started considering in which ways I could have put myself in the conditions of being useful for the others.

I found this opportunity through a friend of mine who previously volunteered for OCC Greece and recommended it to me. After the due interviews, I came to Polykastro in the evening and started meeting with the team right away on the next day.

My duties were mainly administrative, together with co-responsibility over activities such as Bike Space and football matches. I found passionate individuals, willing to leave a positive mark no matter the tasks they were assigned with. From teaching to playing, to organizing, everyone did their job focusing on benefitting the community. That helped me a lot to appreciate what people are capable to do, beyond their own interests. As my tasks were different from any job I had done before, it took me some time to understand and be able to apply new work methods and specific tools, that I now can say I own.

I loved to share my time, space and experience with the resident community, especially the part of it involved in OCC projects. Nonetheless, I would have loved to get the chance to get even closer to residents’ and beneficiaries’ community. In the future, I think it would be a good added value for OCC to have specific “culture days” or insights on topics the resident community is interested in or about the countries they come from, especially in this very specific historical context.

OCC activities are a powerful resource with a huge potential that I believe can keep thriving way beyond its current boundaries. I hope more and more people will join to benefit from the tools, skills and experiences OCC is capable to offer them!


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