What can you do at our organisation through ESC?


We offer many volunteering positions within our organisation through ESC, both in Spain as well as in Greece

Jobs & Traineeships

You can often find great opportunities with us, either to work with us as an employee or do a traineeship at our organisation

Youth Entrepreneurship

If you have a great idea to improve the lives of people in your community, we can support and coach you with your project

Open Cultural Center and European Solidarity Corps

The European Solidarity Corps is the new European Union initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe.

After completing a simple registration process, European Solidarity Corps participants could be selected and invited to join a wide range of projects, such as helping groups in vulnerable positions, assisting in centres for asylum seekers, or addressing different social issues in communities.

Open Cultural Center offers a wide range of opportunities for people to join our European Solidarity Corps projects. This website has the purpose to make all the possibilities visible for you!

Our ESC Projects

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ESC Volunteering


With support from the European Union, you can apply to become a ESC volunteer

ESC in High Priority Areas


Join our big team of volunteers that are directly supporting vulnerable groups

ESC Solidarity Projects


We collaborate with other organisations to create awareness and promote solidarity

ESC Jobs and Traineeships


Through ESC support we often also have opportunities to work in one of our offices

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Meet our international team

Some of our team members in Spain and Greece
Didac Guillamet - Director of Open Cultural Center

Didac Guillamet - Director of Open Cultural Center

From Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Didac has been part of OCC from the start and was the co-founder of OCC in 2016, after he volunteered inside the refugee camps in Greece

Mariia Iefimova - Project Coordinator in Barcelona

Mariia Iefimova - Project Coordinator in Barcelona

From Ovlashy, Romny, Ukraine

Mariia is responsible for running and managing our office and volunteers in Barcelona, after being an active volunteer in that same office

Maria Serra - Project Manager in Polykastro

Maria Serra - Project Manager in Polykastro

From Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Maria is now managing our center and all our projects in Greece, after being a dedicated volunteer in high priority areas

Vincent van Grondelle - Program Manager in Barcelona

Vincent van Grondelle - Program Manager in Barcelona

From Zeist, Utrecht, Netherlands

Vincent is mainly responsible for managing our Migracode program, the first code school for refugees and migrants in Barcelona

Carlos Sanchez - Head of Education in Barcelona

Carlos Sanchez - Head of Education in Barcelona

From Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

Carlos joined OCC in 2020, becoming our first Head of Education, at our Migracode program. He has years of experience in the tech sector.

Open calls, news and our blog

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OPEN CALL | Youth4All Project Assistant at OCC Spain

Youth For All is a socio-professional insertion project for former foster migrant youth in the rural region of Moianès, Catalonia. The project accommodates 10 young people in a house in Castellterçol, and for one year offers them professional training in forestry, as well as Spanish, Catalan and computer classes, and individualised monitoring by a social integrator.

The Narrative of the poor Refugee – “It’s as if refugees have no worth once they are no longer suffering”

The term "refugee" is often used to speak about people with a history of displacement as a homogenous group. Even people who want to support migrants sometimes seem to forget that they are dealing with individuals who have different experiences and backgrounds. In this first article of our new series "The narrative of the poor refugee" we took a closer look at the prejudices many people have towards newcomers to our society.