¿Do you like plants? Would you like to have a macrame pot holder? In this article, we will show you how to make one.

One way to make the most of airspace is by hanging plants. They can be very decorative as well as serving to bring some nature and fresh air into our home. Macrame is very common for these necessities, but as we like to recycle, we can take advantage of an old t-shirt or a cotton cloth that we no longer use to hang our plant.

Step 1: Select the fabric we will use with the leftover clothes (cotton). We need to cut 8 strips of fabric the color we like best, and cut them horizontally from one side of the arm to the other of the shirt. Remember that in total we will need 8 strips.

Step 2: Cut horizontally the 8 long strips of the fabric or shirt we will use. The thickness depends on the dimensions of the t-shirt or clothes and the size we want to make this hanger/potholder. Cut these circles in half to get 8 equal strips. Fold the 8 pieces of fabric in half and in the shape of a bow join the eight strips with a knot at the top, which will be where it will be hung. (You can see the process in the drawings).

Step 3: To finish you will need to make another knot equal to the bottom of the potholder.

In the end you will have something like what we see in the image.

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