Today, the women’s team had the second meeting about the eco Salon project. The Eco Salon project is developed for women by women that have the aim to offer a safe and protected space for women and girls. We want to support refugee and local women by implementing a comfortable environment. In this initiative, the activities are focused on beauty and self-care, sports, yoga and relaxation workshop. At the same time, a space will be created for women both refugees and Greek to come together and discuss different life experiences in a space of mutual understanding that promotes women rights.

The goal of this space is also to promote social and cultural integration and shared experiences. We are enlightened about the beginning of our new project that will be initiated on April 1st 2021. The project is funded by European Solidarity Corps (ESC) and Youth and Life Long Learning Foundation (INEDIVIM). The main tool in this project is non-formal education.

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