Hello! I’m Ramin. I’ve been living in Barcelona since September of 2018, and I have been working with Open Cultural Center as a European Solidarity Corps volunteer since summer 2020.

I first heard about OCC in summer 2018 when I received an email from the MigraCode team regarding available positions at OCC. So, I read more about the story of OCC and Its objectives for supporting migrants and refugees.

Indeed, I found the project interesting and decided to apply for it

My main role has been teaching the Persian language. OCC offers free language lessons to migrants and refugees, which local people who are OCC members can also join.

Before Covid-19 the classes used to be held at the center in El Born, but since the first lockdown they have been taking place online, via google meets or Zoom.

My major purpose in life is to enjoy every single moment of my limited life. So, by having this mentality regarding life. I always try to make wise decisions for managing wisely my time.

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