Hello! I’m Daniela and I took part in a 2-month volunteer program at OCC (Polykastro). My passion for interculturalism, cultural sociology and teaching led me to accept the offer to spend the summer volunteering at OCC. I worked as an English teacher, and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

From the very beginning, I taught English and literacy to adults. Despite the initial fear of not being a native English speaker, I immediately felt at ease in the classroom. The people who attended my classes were all amiable, grateful, and sensitive to cultural differences, bar none. What surprised me most was their eagerness to learn a new language and their ambition to improve their communication skills.

During the last three weeks of the program, I also taught teenagers. Three girls and five boys between 15 and 17 years old changed my perspective on teaching. Honestly, I preferred adult students and I have always been reticent towards teaching teenagers or children. The Pirates (name of the group of students assigned to me) have been able to show me that teaching teenagers can be as pleasant and intriguing as teaching grown-ups, and they always showed an incredible source of positivity and happiness.

Photo: Open Cultural Center

On a personal level, I welcomed a lot of satisfaction and joy directly from the people who took part in the activities organized by OCC. There are a thousand reasons why a person decides to volunteer. My advice is to choose an area of ​​personal interest and go for it.

I had the pleasure to meet and interact with the strongest human beings – those who flee their country. Those who fill their backpacks with memories, hope, and resilience.  

My volunteer journey was a good and constructive experience that will remain in my memory – thanks to all the people who accompanied me and were there. 

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