This article has been written by our volunteer Sara Ferrigno.

When I applied for the two-month volunteering at OCC, I didn’t have a clear idea of what awaited me. I lacked a clear picture of what was OCC: its facilities, the people working there, the type of work, etc. However, I was drawn to the project’s ideas, and I was curious to see how they implemented it.

Upon my arrival, I found myself immediately surrounded by individuals who cared about migrants and making a positive impact on others’ lives. We shared the same values of hospitality and understanding differences. Gradually, I adapted to the work, which initially seemed challenging. The prevailing feeling during those initial days was confusion and uncertainty. Fortunately, I was supported by amazing volunteers who made both work and life in Polykastro smoother, more enjoyable, and even funnier.

I worked as a member of the communication team, a role which I had never undertaken before. I was fortunate to be able to experiment in this environment, which allowed for trial and error without any pressure. 

I began as a Kindergarten teacher and later became an Eagles’ teacher. This turned out to be the best decision I could have made: teaching children is both demanding and incredibly rewarding. The sparkle in their eyes and the energy they transmit to you is priceless. 

Additionally, I served as a German Level 1 teacher, even though German is not my native language. This was probably the most challenging task I completed during my two months.

There were moments of despair, though they were short and infrequent. 

The beauty of volunteering at OCC Greece lies in its amazing team, composed of roommates, coworkers, and resident volunteers. Together, we all worked toward a common goal: making education available to everyone and spreading knowledge.

I will be eternally grateful to OCC and the European Solidarity Corps for this experience, which taught me so much about myself. Additionally, it has given me incredible new friendships that I hope will endure.

Our volunteering program is funded by the European Union through European Solidarity Corps.

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