This article has been written by our short-term volunteer David.

Before applying to this project, I found myself in an impasse. I was bored with the life I had and I felt that I had to do something that would push me out of my comfort zone. When I applied for this project I had, at the time, some anxiety and nervousness because I wasn’t sure what was awaiting me. Despite hesitation, I took a chance. 

What I found exceeded my expectations. Right away, I found other volunteers who helped me and who integrated me in all areas of the project. What followed was daily learning, like teaching each other in our respective languages all the strangest vocabulary that can arise, preparing classes and exercises as well as long evening conversations about most varied topics that allowed us to get to know each other and create strong bonds. 

Having the opportunity to talk and live daily with people who live in the camp of Nea Kavala was an unparalleled learning. I admire the energy, the good mood, the receptivity and the enthusiasm that they transmit every day. Without belittling the confidence in sharing as well as the interest and the questions they asked me about my country. 

If I had to describe this experience in just one word it would be: Gratifying. 

Thank you to the OCC for the opportunity you gave me, to the volunteers I had the pleasure of meeting and whom I can today call friends, to the people I had the pleasure of meeting at the OCC and for the constant appreciation they showed after each class. For the dinners at the chicken place, for the Monday meetings, for the football games, for the trips and places I had the opportunity to visit, they made this experience of two months truly rewarding and memorable.

Our volunteering program is funded by the European Union through European Solidarity Corps.

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