Children on the move, Public International Law and the role of international organizations

“I love children and it pains me that in this field they are no longer recognized as children, but only as people on the move. For governments, children on the move are no longer children, they are just people on the move, and to me that is absurd. I decided to write this article because everyone needs to think about this issue and everyone needs to know how things really are. I want to give a voice to all these children: the main reason why I am here.”

bell hooks and the Feminist Movement

“In light of the 8th of March for the International Women’s day I chose to write my article about Bell Hooks and her contribution to feminism. I believe Hooks’ ideas are key to creating a transformative feminist movement. Moreover, her points can help us understand more about the situation of migrant women in Spain and the valuable contributions that they bring to the feminist movement.”