What is ESC Youth Entrepreneurship?

Youth Entrepreneurship, officially called a Solidarity Project, is an in-country solidarity activity initiated, developed and implemented by young people themselves for a period from 2 to 12 months. It gives a group of minimum five young persons the chance to express solidarity by taking responsibility and committing themselves to bring positive change in their local community. The project should have a clearly identified topic which the group of young people wish to explore together.

What can you do?

Start your own project

Gain a sense of entrepreneurship

Work with other like-minded people

Work in an intercultural environment

Project Management

Project implementation

Our Youth Entrepreneurship Projects


  • Polikastro, Greece
  • Project Code: 2020-3-EL02-ESC31-006565
  • Start date: 01/04/2021
    End date: 01/04/2022
  • Ongoing

Eco Salon is a project created by women and for women. It is designed and implemented by 5 young refugee women in Greece and involved activities around eco friendly beauty sessions and workshops on women empowerment and women rights.

Untold Stories

Website: www.untoldstories.info

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2020-1-ES02-ESC31-014828
  • Start date: 01/08/2020
    End date: 31/07/2021

“Untold Stories” is a youth initiative, dedicated to telling the stories of people who have made their home in Barcelona. This platform aims to engage more with people who have inspiring stories to share, thus revealing the richness and diversity of the cultures that meet in this city every day. Through interviewing people from different backgrounds and cultures, we would like to promote a sense of solidarity and intercultural dialogue, while illustrating the fact that we are all different, each of us in our unique way.

WUF ( World Upcycling Fab): Upcycle your Community 

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2020-2-ES02-ESC31-015873
  • Start date: 01/08/2020
    End date: 31/07/2021

“World Upcycling Fab” is a project created by a group of young people interested in art, who want to carry out a project to disseminate the benefits of upcycling in order to produce creative every-day items, to share different methods that can be used to upcycle any object, and to raise awareness on this eco-friendly alternative, especially among young people with fewer opportunities.

The Analysis of climate migration in Spain

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2020-1-ES02-ESC31-014864
  • Start date: 01/08/2020
    End date: 31/07/2021

The Analysis of Climate Change and Migration project is a youth initiative dedicated to investigating the key aspects and consequences of environmental contamination and the alternatives present in some Spanish communities. By doing this, we expect to be able to find out which areas of the city are affected and how the contamination of such areas influences internal displacement. On the other hand, the initiative aims to identify different groups and communities who – seeking refuge from climate changes caused partly by European communities – migrated to Spain.

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