What is ESC Jobs & Traineeships?

Jobs & Traineeships within ESC provide young people with opportunities for employment or work practice, helping them to build their skills and experience and improving their employability and transition into the labour market. It offers them the opportunity to gain relevant experience in a wide range of areas and begin their path into the labour market while addressing social challenges and benefiting themselves and various sectors.

What can you do?

Workplace in non-profit

Work in the intercultural environment

Experience in project management

Work with European projects

Work with people with fewer opportunities



Work in the Kindergarten

Work with finances

Event Management

Our Jobs & Traineeships Projects

Working opportunity for a refugee person during COVID

  • Polikastro, Greece
  • Project Code: 2020-3-EL02-ESC21-006724
  • Start date: 01/02/2021
    End date: 31/01/2022

«Working opportunity for a refugee person during COVID» is a project that will support the work of a refugee employee in the organisation of OCC in Greece. The worker will organise and support in recreational activities for young minors and in the project for women called “Women Space”.

Bridging together

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2018-1-ES02-ESC21-012438
  • Start date: 01/01/2019
    End date: 31/05/2020

OCC employed a young person with fewer opportunities from Ukraine to be part of the workforce who carry out the daily tasks of the organization. The participant was allocated the role of project manager at OCC Barcelona. With that, we aimed to both promote an intercultural work environment and improve the quality of work and activities that we carry out through the diversity of the participant’s experience. During her work at Open Cultural Center, she has had the opportunity to learn more about work approaches with refugees, tools for improving their social integration, and changing the conscience of people in the region. It has also been an opportunity to gain new skills such as practical tools to promote tolerance, non-discrimination, and equality.

Give opportunity in order to create an intercultural working environment

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2019-3-ES02-ESC21-014215
  • Start date: 01/01/2020
    End date: 28/02/2021

OCC employed one person with cultural differences from El Salvador who lives in Spain but had an illegal status which made it complicated to get a work contract due to lack of papers. By participating in this project we were able to legally employ this young woman in our organization which allowed her to get a 1-year working visa providing all the necessary documents and support. The participant got to work in an intercultural environment and develop new skills while integrating at a local, regional and national level.

Connect Youth through European Mobility

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Project Code: 2020-1-ES02-ESC21-014758
  • Start date: 30/09/2020
    End date: 29/11/2021

OCC gave a young European citizen who has had the experience of living in Spain the opportunity of obtaining practical experience in working with people with fewer opportunities and developing digital skills through the project Migracode. It is the first code academy for refugees and migrants in Barcelona. With that, OCC envisioned promoting equality and diversity in the workplace, as well as enriching the work of our organization with his contribution.