The Narrative of the poor Refugee – “It’s as if refugees have no worth once they are no longer suffering”

The term “refugee” is often used to speak about people with a history of displacement as a homogenous group. Even people who want to support migrants sometimes seem to forget that they are dealing with individuals who have different experiences and backgrounds.
In this first article of our new series “The narrative of the poor refugee” we took a closer look at the prejudices many people have towards newcomers to our society.

Borderless World – Three perspectives on a human right to global free movement

This week’s “ESC Carte Blanche” editor is Sue, a Communications volunteer at OCC Greece!
“I wrote this article because I have always been interested in migration. I have volunteered with different organizations who work with migrants in different countries. I have seen a lot of people waiting around in some camps, having to put their lives on hold because they were not allowed to cross some borders. I wanted to learn more about why the world is structured like this and if there is an alternative.”