Our mission, vision, purpose, and values

Open Cultural Center is a registered non-profit organisation active in both Spain and Greece, working towards the inclusion of refugees and migrants through educational and cultural activities. We work mainly with volunteers to offer language classes, technical workshops, sports activities, cultural events, and women and children’s support to the wide variety of communities we work with. At the same time, we work on an international level to create awareness about the situation of refugees while working with many European partners to increase our social impact.

OCC equips migrants with tools to access opportunities and build a future while advancing equality and inclusion within local communities through intercultural exchange, education, and advocacy.

OCC will strive to become a key player within the community of organizations working to enhance the social and economic integration of migrants at a local level and an important voice advocating for policies that protect the rights of migrants and favor their inclusion within a diverse European society

OCC wants to strongly contribute to an inclusive society without barriers to the legal, social and economic participation of migrants as equal and valued members of society.

Inclusion & Diversity, Community Building, Volunteerism, Youth Empowerment, Innovation

How we started

Open Cultural Center (OCC) was established in 2016 at the height of the refugee crisis in Europe. Refugees and international volunteers at Idomeni refugee camp worked together to give classes and create a safe environment for children and adults, to learn and take part in cultural activities. OCC quickly became an important resource in the camp and organised events such as music and art workshops, open mic nights, performances and more.

Today, Open Cultural Center is active in Polykastro, Greece, and in Barcelona, Spain. Through our centers, OCC provides refugees, migrants and members of the local communities with access to a wide range of projects including non-formal education, language classes, employability workshops, and cultural activities.